14th Jazz Festival

Jazz Fest 2014 Line-up

Nicole Henry

Nicole Henry

Sybil Gage

Linda Cole and The Joshua Bowlus Trio

Nicole Henry
Kid Dutch™ and his New Orleans Music

Greg Parnell Sextet " A Tribute to The Jazz Messengers"

Walker /Jordan Band ( 10 pc)

Sybil Gage * Vivacity

Suzy Park & Friends

Linda Cole & The Joshua Bowlus Trio

The Porchdogs * Thom Chambers

The House Cats * Thomas Jones

Music Remembrance Jazz Trio

Robert Harris Trio *Johnny Mag Sax * Brian Petras Trio

Kayonne Riley and the Downtown Trio

M&M Latin Jazz Ensemble feat. Marty Morell

Pat D'Aguanno

Steve Scholz Trio

Ted Connor & Ron Gilotti

Cafè-Grass * Jim Bryer

Ray Guiser Quartet (Kick-off party)

M&M Latin Jazz Ensemble

M&M Latin Jazz ensemble


Marty Morell

Walker Jordan Band

Walker/Jordan Band

2014 Schedule
Schedule 2014
2014 Schedule

14th Annual New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival - Meet the Artist

Pamela Ramey TatumThis years poster

Pamela Ramey Tatum is a full-time professional and award winning artist and a studio artist at The Hub on Canal,
a vibrant art space that she shares with other local artists in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Pamela paints portraits, still lifes, sea and landscapes, but portraits and figures remain her favorites. For her, telling
a story and moving the viewer is most important to her. She approaches every painting with the questions:
what do I want to express and how do I want the viewer to feel?
She strives to paint with a contemporary feel and in 2012 began experimenting with more impressionistic palette
knife painting, creating pieces that are modern, dynamic, and fresh. Most of these paintings contain lovers, and
they have become her most popular pieces. She also does quite a number of commissioned pieces each year.
Pamela teaches a monthly palette knife painting workshop at The Hub on Canal, teaches in Teen Extreme art camp
each year, and has volunteered in the art department at NSB High School.
In September 2014, Pamela teams up with Surfscape dance for a show of dance inspired art and art inspired
dance. In November 2014 Pamela will collaborate with award winning poet, Terry Godbey, for an exhibit of art
and poetry at The Hub: The L Words, Love, Lust and Loss.
Another exciting opportunity will take Pamela to Arte Studio Ginestrelle in Assisi, Italy, for the entire month
of June 2015. Pamela will be an artist in residence with other visual artists as well as artists of other disciplines.
Their work will culminate in an exhibition at the end of that year.
Pamela's studio is located at The Hub on Canal, at 132 Canal Street, Studio 5, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Samples of her work can also be found on her website: www.PamelaRameyTatum.com.
As Producer of the Jazz Festival, Marc Monteson said he was delighted to work with Pamela as she created this
year's poster and t-shirt art entitled, Ray Guiser on Sax.



Marc Monteson Promotions is a licensed agency in NSB and a member of the S.E. Volusia Chamber of Commerce


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