Why Is Recycling Important?

If you are wondering, why is recycling important? Ask yourself this, what happens if we don’t recycle? There are so many issues involved from social to economic, to environmental; that the answer may get lost in the rhetoric. On that note, I would like to offer you a few of my ideas on why I think recycling is important.

Cleaner environment

I think it is easy for most of us to see the importance of recycling from the environmental viewpoint. Why is recycling important to the environment? No one wants to live in a trash heap. At some point in time, the people in charge (politicians and big business) need to realize that we all live on the same planet. Of course, we don’t want toxic waste in our landfills, seeping into our groundwater, poisoning our children, making agriculture impossible. That is not justification to ship your worn out CRT’s to China or Mexico to poison their people, and their groundwater, etc. Yes, there is a thing called karma. Companies like Jux2 waste management in Florida have already jumped on board and started disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly way. They offer dumpster roll-offs in all different sizes, so no matter how much waste you’ve got, they’ll take care of it in a way that protects our planet for future generations. With environmental awareness on the rise, our planet is becoming healthier and healthier. What have you done to pitch in?

Economic well-being


Why is recycling important to the economic well-being? As I am writing this, our economy is based on planned obsolescence. Companies plan for that microwave to be junk in 7 years, your computer to be obsolete in 1 year and your wash machine to quit in 8 years. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of trash. As more and more countries want consumer goods, refrigerators, wash machines, etc. The demand for resources to manufacture them will increase. We can no longer afford to dump our resources in the landfill. As land values increase, it raises the cost of getting rid of your garbage. Yes, just another vicious circle, let me off this merry-go-round.

Social background

Why is recycling important in a social context? Because it is everyone’s responsibility as a member of society to do the right thing. I think people living in a capitalistic society tend to forget that it is not ok to take advantage of others. I know you like to call it good business to manufacture products in the cheapest way possible (read this as generating pollution, paying workers less than a living wage, unfair trade practices to increase sales, etc.). You don’t take advantage of others because you have more wealth, power, brains, etc.  It is not right, moral, or ethical, nor has it ever been. Shame on you Mr. Big Businessman and shame on you Mr. Politician for not doing what is right and ethical. However, I hope we will come to the state of mind eventually where we will understand how important is to recycle all our waste.